The Future of Retail

The Future of Retail 1024 683 Choose Paper

High street retail brands are currently going through a huge period of change. But by focusing on the customer experience and embracing technology, their future will be assured.   Earlier this year, over 8,000 executives, managers, researchers and experts from the global retail industry gathered in a very large conference hall in an even larger…

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The Freedom of Choice

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Choice is a cornerstone of retail competition, but the right to choose a paper or digital receipt is being taken away at the tills.   There’s a war currently being waged at tills and payment counters around the world. Whether it’s fashion stores, supermarkets, fast-food restaurants or DIY warehouses, retailers are slowly trying to move…

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The science behind thermal paper

The science behind thermal paper 1024 683 Choose Paper

Discover just how thermal paper works and the latest developments in creating sustainable solutions for paper receipts. While receiving receipts for everything we buy is a reassuring – and in some cases, vital – proof of purchase, there aren’t many people that consider just how technologically advanced the equipment is that prints them. For a…

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Keep it private with paper

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With more and more people worrying about how their details are being used online, the use of digital receipts is causing concern on the high street. Discover why paper receipts remain the safest and most trusted way to provide proof of purchase.

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The Practical Choice

The Practical Choice 1024 683 Choose Paper

Retailers are increasingly offering digital receipts instead of paper, but is this really what consumers want? We find out.

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The environmental facts about paper receipts

The environmental facts about paper receipts 1024 683 Choose Paper

One of the biggest arguments in favour of e-receipts is the impact paper has on the environment. But the facts about paper and its production tell a different story.

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